Interplex is trusted by leading technology brands to deliver target solutions and technologies to enable tomorrow’s wearables.

Wearable Tech Calls For Scalable Innovation

Interplex has been at the forefront of the wearables market segment since its inception. We’re a trusted innovation partner and supplier to leading manufacturers as well as disruptive wearables companies.
Our wide range of miniaturized interconnects, RF shielding, sensor interfaces, flex circuitry, vertical integration solutions, and end-to-end application-specific design services are creating waves in wearable technology.


  • Button Solutions
  • Sensor Solutions
  • Battery Solutions


  • Charger Lid & Can
  • Wired Headset Clips
  • Cable USB Cover

Interplex as your Innovations Partner

Enabling Technologies For ICT Innovations

  • Interconnect Technology
  • Mechanical
  • High Precision Engineering
Interplex’s range of target solutions for the ICT industry, makes us the ideal innovations partner to help you realize your product designs, whether that’s ICT infrastructure and hardware or mobile devices and wearables. 

Leveraging on our core strengths in interconnect technology, mechanical and high precision engineering, we bring to the table the knowhow and technological expertise to configure new groundbreaking solutions.

Proven Track Record and Scale

  • Expertise and Processes
  • Global Reach
  • Innovative Design
As a trusted partner for the ICT industry, Interplex offers unmatched technical and engineering expertise, coupled with a robust product development process.
With over 33 global sites, 12 Research and Development facilities in over 13 countries, we bring your ICT designs from idea to reality with greater speed and efficiency.

Your Solutions Specialist for ICT

As a trusted ICT innovation partner for many decades, Interplex is enabling our customers to innovate and stay ahead with new and trending designs for infrastructure, systems, hardware and devices.