High-Speed Connectivity

Interplex is a key player in enabling solutions for high-speed connectivity, building on its leading expertise in interconnects, connectors, and integrated communications modules.

Enable High Speed Data Flows

We work closely with our customers, as well as industry standards-setting organizations, to develop a broad range of applications-specific, standards-based and custom interconnect solutions. Our custom high-density interconnects scale up server performance and provide standards-based Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) connectors that support millions of remote IoT endpoints over low-cost copper wiring.


5G Backhaul Infrastructure

  • Enclosures
  • Mechanical
  • Interconnects
  • Thermal Management

Industry 4.0 IoT

  • Mechanical
  • Interconnects
  • Thermal Management

Interplex as your Innovations Partner

Enabling Technologies For ICT Innovations

  • Interconnect Technology
  • Mechanical
  • High Precision Engineering
Interplex’s range of target solutions for the ICT industry, makes us the ideal innovations partner to help you realize your product designs, whether that’s ICT infrastructure and hardware or mobile devices and wearables. 

Leveraging on our core strengths in interconnect technology, mechanical and high precision engineering, we bring to the table the knowhow and technological expertise to configure new groundbreaking solutions.

Proven Track Record and Scale

  • Expertise and Processes
  • Global Reach
  • Innovative Design
As a trusted partner for the ICT industry, Interplex offers unmatched technical and engineering expertise, coupled with a robust product development process.
With over 33 global sites, 12 Research and Development facilities in over 13 countries, we bring your ICT designs from idea to reality with greater speed and efficiency.

Your Solutions Specialist for ICT

As a trusted ICT innovation partner for many decades, Interplex is enabling our customers to innovate and stay ahead with new and trending designs for infrastructure, systems, hardware and devices.